Welcome to Up-A-Level Tutor Club

Up-A-Level Tutor Club compliments and enhances school work helping children achieve their full potential.

Up-A-Level Tutor Club is based in East Dulwich for children throughout the primary school age range and beyond.  Subjects covered are English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning.

Classes are individual or small groups with a maximum of 6 children, ensuring that each child receives plenty of attention and encouragement.

September 2019 Groups

Monday 4 – 6pm  – Year 5/6

Wednesday 4 – 6pm – Year 5

Thursday 4 – 6pm – Year 6

Saturday 10 – 12 noon Year 5/6

Up-A-Level Tutor Club also runs courses preparing children for

11+ entrance exams.

Call Gill on 07736400658

email: gill@up-a-level.co.uk

www.facebook.com/Up A Level Tutor Club