Eleven Plus Tests

Tests are almost upon us, now is a good time to prepare your child.

11+  Summer 2020 Course 

Preparing your child for the real exam, helping to alleviate any nerves and fears so that they can remain calm and composed to perform at their best.

Date TBC

Hours 10am – 3pm

 Location Dulwich



   Day 1 Mock Exams – these help your child become accustomed to test conditions and tackle time pressured tests.
   Day 2 & 3  

Analysis, corrections and reflection of mock papers. Focusing on areas your child is struggling with and teaching them strategies and exam techniques to improve. We look at different question types and the strategies for answering them, how to avoid silly errors and to know what to look out for when checking.

   Day 4  

Mock Exams – children should approach these with more confidence and apply strategies they have gained from the course.



Following the course feedback is given to parents, showing where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie and support to make quick progress.  This course is aimed to build you child’s confidence, give them the motivation and direction to help them approach the tests and maximise their performance.

Course Fees £450.

Payable in advance.

Phone 07736400658 to book a place

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